Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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The Problem The Progress MILK PROJECT - history The Process The Plan We had a 20ft kraal built of local materials by local craftsmen. We then brought in 6 young female hybrid goats, and started milking as kids were born - much to the incredulity and amusement of local villagers! Next day we sent a bottle of diluted goats milk to the family, and continued daily. The little one not only survived - she thrived - much to the delight of her grandmother who had hardly dared hope she would live. and at 9 months, with her delighted   grandmother orphaned at 4 weeks… … Early days .... Meriya - newly orphaned, her mother died of cholera the week before. In action .... Donate now Update: 2012 - see “Happiness” at 5yrs, just about to start school! Pemphero  (left) vulnerable & sickly   (Right),  Months and gallons of goats’ milk later - gaining weight   and strength

One of our staff, concerned for her welfare, had suggested we help with milk. We gave her a mosquito net too, so malaria was less of a problem and she slowly gained strength.

At two, she weighed just 7kgs and still couldn’t walk, but, built up by the goats milk, she amazed us all by taking her first steps a few months later.

Some of our

“little friends” ….

Pemphero’s early steps

Thokazani and her aunt