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This School has been operating for 3 years—under a tree—with 4 voluntary teachers, and 52 children on the roll from 4 villages. A committee takes responsibility and runs the school and each child receives a highly anticipated porridge breakfast each morning.

Obviously meeting under a tree is unsatisfactory in the rainy season and they hoped for help to build a classroom. Several years ago, the community made & burnt 5000 bricks for this purpose, but the project stalled as they couldn’t provide any further materials.

During 2015 & 2016 several Nursery Schools in other areas were in similar circumstances and requested help to build a classroom.  However, on assessment, we decided that a larger, multi-purpose building would be more appropriate to each community’s needs and so with the help of local villagers, we constructed a Community Centre in each location. We decided to use the same plan here at Liphala Village, and again at Namata.

As their contribution, villagers excavated and carried river sand to site, and we used the bricks they’d made in the foundation, buying in good quality smaller ones for the main build.

During March the ground was cleared, building teams hired,

foundations dug,

corners raised,

doors & frames made,

metal windows welded,

roof timbers sliced,

walls built & plastered,

porch established,

iron roof positioned,

floor laid,

blackboards plastered & skimmed, exterior skirting and pointing done,

then all was lime-washed, painted, glazed, and finished in April, 6 weeks later.

Summer Report 2018

including February-April trip


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Community Centre

The proposed site in the middle of Liphala Village

Liphala Community Centre