Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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Dorothy, her boys, and her new home  -  it even has a window!!! Dorothy’s wrecked home, the crumbling walls and ruined roof wouldn’t withstand the coming rains!

We also helped with emergency food for this very vulnerable family, funded medical treatment and bought uniforms so the boys could return to school.

Changing lives ...  Dorothy Help with housing .... Eliza and her new home, weatherproof and secure with a stout wooden door and glazed window. Changing lives......  Doris Changing lives ...   Eliza Donate now Another frail, elderly widow caring for orphans in a collapsed house.  Aid Africa/Open Hand Projects replaced it. This is Doris - representing a typical family unit so common in Malawi - an elderly widow and a clutch of orphans. They are standing in front of what was left of their home, a partially collapsed ruin - insecure, dangerous & vulnerable

Over the years we’ve built dozens of homes for the vulnerable at risk. Each house built is individual, and appropriate to need and environment  - sometimes it’s for those sick with AIDS, or disabled by leprosy, or weakened by age, but its always life changing when a safe new home replaces a building threatening collapse at any moment.

Aid Africa was able to help - and Eliza and her family now rest safe & secure


lives ...


Dinah’s house was disintegrating around her, the roof was collapsing and the walls, dark, damp and windowless.  But we were able to help, and now Dinah is safe and secure in a home that will last the rest of her life.

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