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Winter Report 2016

including September-November trip


New students were assessed and lists agreed for this academic year. We’re still working with 3 local schools: Michesi Secondary (38 students), Chiringa CDSS (30), & Migowi CDSS (17), totalling 85 day students.  We also sponsor 5 “night school“ students—teens who haven’t qualified to be selected for secondary education, or have missed out in some way, but are eager to learn.  All school fees were paid for this term plus annual exam fees.

On the left are some of our pupils from Michesi Secondary school, proudly showing off their new uniforms. We had a blouse and skirt, or shirt and trousers made by local tailors, supplying them with good quality fabric and other materials, as previous years.

We gathered our sponsored girls in each school, gave an informative talk around menstruation, and distributed sani-packs to a small number of girls

for testing.

Results were unanimous and enthusiastic. The girls reported that they had all stayed at school each day during their period, felt comfortable, secure and were able to run or play netball as usual. Using the zip-lock bag with a little water inside, made transport of soiled liners easy, and washing and drying, at home (outside, in public!) was no problem, as the items were unrecognisable!

We gave packs to each of the girls on our Education Programme. It’s life changing! Each can now attend all their lessons and work hard to achieve their goals

In November we launched our new sani-project—providing hygienic sani-wear for girls at school. Monthly periods are shrouded in stigma and mystery. Most schoolgirls we spoke to took 2 days off each month, due to embarrassment over possible leakage, smell, restricted movement and discomfort. A lot of lost education!

Training is a vital route out of poverty, so we were delighted to be able to host a variety of Courses.

The Farming God’s Way training was hosted for 2 days, with 80 people attending each day.

Dickson (right) (FGW’s trainer in Malawi) taught theory in person, from DVD’s in our Training Hall, and practically in the field.                                                                                              

Friends, Chris & Cathrine, Tim & Joy taught an all-day Seminar to our staff on “Marriage and Family”. This was particularly applauded by staff members as “life transforming” for their families.

Couples, sitting apart in gender groups at the beginning (as per Malawi custom) were together and close by the end, with new vision for their joint futures.

Offices and the Classroom were the venues for one-to-one computer training by Cathrine for english-speaking staff members. This was invaluable as we try to build capacity into our guys. Word & Excel were broadly explored according to each person’s experience & ability, with good progress made & confidence built.

2-day training to make sanitary pads. Joy worked with villagers empowering  them to begin local production, and sent them off with a loaned sewing machine, patterns, a business plan, and a starter pack of chosen fabrics.

All participants invited to training sessions were served with a meat, veg & rice meal and soft drink at mid-day—gratefully received in these days of hunger.

Secondary Education Sponsorship

“Happy Days”


So we looked for patterns for a simple, washable product.

Eventually, thanks to “Days for Girls”, our pack developed to a holder, 6 liners, illustrated instructions for use, a pair of panties, and a zip-lock bag.

This was a challenging project to implement and run. It had two separate avenues:

a) the establishment of small businesses to manufacture the goods, empowering

    local villagers to create income

b) the free supply to girls to keep them in school all month—our “Happy Days” project.

Above: content of packs

Below:  delighted users!


24 pastors also received 2-day bible training and encouragement

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Above: Sani-pad training

Below:  Serving meals