Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi

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Investment changes lives ..... Training  changes lives ..... Kindness changes lives ..... Transport  changes lives ..... Each month we enable those with AIDS to access ARV treatment by paying for transport - looking forward to the arrival of our new BUV (Basic Utility Vehicle) soon. Thamanda is a large village with a heart to help, and a supportive chief. When we visited, we were delighted to see water abundantly flowing from the borehole we had recently repaired. Village Focus: THAMANDA Goats’ milk is distributed here too, including to little  Ndavutika - a 2-month old orphan. His mother  had died suddenly when he was just 2 days’ old, and he’s now in the care of his grandmother, with OHP milk his only lifeline. The heart of Thamanda Village the borehole, now working, repaired recently by Open Hand Projects Our final task was to view the land donated for the season by the village chief, where volunteers, with seeds from OHP, will grow sorghum, pigeon peas and possibly soya for the most vulnerable in their village. Serving out phala for the nursery school children Changing Lives .... Education changes lives ..... Safe housing changes lives ..... At this time of the year, before the torrential rains hit, help with shelter is a frequent request. We supply plastic paper to line grass roofs, but are only able to build houses for those most at risk. Water  changes lives ..... Autumn 2010

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Our Muona office closed at the end of November, lots of good work had been done in this needy area, and we’ll retain responsibility for the teens on our education programme till they leave school. Still so much to do .....Stabilise water supply for Bilisoni village - complete the wall around the site for safety and security  - expand the rabbit project into the community  - equip the Training Hall and host more Courses, etc., etc., etc..... And finally-future plans ....

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