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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
We weighed a   random bucket of water as carried on ladies’ heads - 23kgs! WATER ....      Bore-hole repair A broken bore-hole - eerily quiet and deserted Nailsoni Village Borehole Ndalama Village Borehole Assessment …. Chinzeti Village  Borehole Namandoto Village Borehole Formbe Village  Borehole Donate now

Some examples of the many pumps we’ve repaired over the years, bringing safe local water back to thousands…..

Joy as water flows for the first time!


There is a dedicated committee here able to

repair and maintain the borehole in the future,

it just lacked the funds to buy the parts. So we helped, and water is flowing again.

Namandoto Village borehole

Formbe Village borehole

Chinzeti Village borehole

Ndalama Village borehole

This borehole had been out of action for seven months and served 450 households - about 2000 people.   The nearest borehole was an hour away, where they had to queue and pay for the water. The 12-man committee here is very good. They have been trained to repair and maintain the borehole and plan to set a small contribution fee via the Village Chief to finance future repairs now that the borehole is working again.

Nailsoni Village borehole

Namba Village Borehole

Namba is a huge, remote village in a very vulnerable area, with 1184 households - about 4750 people. The pump had broken down many months ago, and there was no way the locals could fund its repair.

As an example, it needed steel rods, centralisers, pipes, bearings, a footvalve, plunger, labour - and once tested, it was welded closed to protect the new parts from theft. We do this now with all our pumps repairs.

Namba Village borehole