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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi


Since 2010, each year, we’ve hosted multi-day training courses for dozens of enthusiastic and hard-working local farmers, then later in the year he’ll return again to affirm teaching, help, encourage, and mentor villagers as he monitors their fields.  

Gradually, locals are understanding and

adopting new agricultural practices - and

enjoying the benefits!

For generations, most of the villagers in our area have lived off the land - subsistence farmers - but the soil’s becoming increasingly barren as successive maize crops are planted, stripping the soil of nutrients. Agricultural space is limited but new methods have produced increased yields, so training in effective soil and land management is essential.

“Farming God’s Way” is an effective conservation farming programme that is greatly benefiting the small-scale farmers in the rural areas. It’s backed up by informative work books and training DVD’s, but the most valuable input is from the personal training of our local farmers by FGW’s Malawian trainer.

Courses promote minimum tillage to prevent moisture loss, and focus heavily on soil enhancement as the route to better harvests. Also important are planting strategies, composting, regular weeding, crop rotation, covering with a “blanket” to protect tender plants from the harsh climate, retaining moisture & nourishment and minimising soil erosion - all in good time and to a high standard.

Training in positioning planting stations, indoor training, composting, planting cassava and (left) hundreds of meals prepared over several days for the participants.

We train in our purpose-built Training Hall, using experienced facilitators in person, by DVD, in the field, or in village settings.

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