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Serving the most vulnerable      in rural Malawi
Agriculture .... But people are still hungry..... We prepared two 6mx 6m plots, one according to the FGW model, and the other in standard ridged format. Each will be planted with maize and soya, and we’ll compare the results next Spring. (see results in Summer 2011 report) Composting.... Against the backdrop of over-reliance on grossly expensive fertiliser, we’re training in composting and manure production, leading by example, clearly demonstrating the immense value of both by higher yields and improved soil. Geof, an agriculturalist visiting from the UK, collects mulch to enhance soil quality. Turning the compost - all to a strict time frame As a  “Fertilizer-Free” Site, we’re leading by example - using and training in manure and compost production Topping up with water - we have to pay ladies to carry water from a muddy river as community or borehole water is too precious. Preparing land according to  “Farming God’s Way” Autumn 2010 This is page 2 Autumn trip 2010 Page 3 Weather takes its toll .... Soil quality ... Donate now